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If you’re looking for a getaway, but haven’t got the time, take a musical trip with SONIC TRAVELER, the latest release from Shig and Buzz. From Metropolis, to across “the pond”, then on to the Far East, South Pacific and beyond: this sweet-sounding instrumental rock sends the listener around the world, in less than an hour. No need to pack, just put on a track and fly away, to destinations unknown. You’re sure to enjoy these finely crafted recordings by Shig and company.

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Shig and Buzz's "Double Diamonds Deluxe", "Sonic Traveler" & "Live Adventures of..." are available through the links from this site and fine retailers in your area.

These are strongly recommended to anyone who appreciates Instrumental Rock and Roll.

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The long-awaited live Shig and Buzz record is finally here. Smoking-hot recordings from their last (& final?) tour. Shig, Yoon-ki, Roger & Johnny at their finest.

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The debut recording from Candor Jones and friends, Shig33 and Jack Shirley.

Positively folk-based rock and roll.

If you feel like a little musical "pick-me-up", give these tunes a try. Guaranteed to make you smile or your money back!*

* Good luck proving you didn't smile during the duration of the record.